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Commissioner Willie Simmons Aims for Transformative Progress in the Mississippi Delta Through Infrastructure Initiatives


As construction activities continue to reshape the landscape of the Mississippi Delta, Commissioner Willie Simmons of the central district recently shared his vision and the anticipated rewards of their completion. In an exclusive interview, he highlighted groundbreaking efforts to improve transportation infrastructure and foster direct engagement with the community.

Commissioner Simmons, in a bid to enhance accessibility and communication, opened a new office in Cleveland. This move marks the first time citizens of the Mississippi Delta have direct contact with their transportation commissioner, facilitating crucial dialogue between residents and the authorities.

“We opened up an office here in Cleveland so the citizens of the Mississippi Delta are able to have direct contact with their transportation commissioner, which is something that has never been done before. As a result of that also, it’s given us the opportunity to work closely with the other elected officials in the area and get a lot of projects done,” Commissioner Simmons explained.

Among the ambitious currently underway, the Greenville bypass on Highway 82 is one of the most significant. Estimated at a staggering $136 million for its first phase, this project has achieved remarkable progress and is ahead of schedule, with completion expected soon.

“One of the biggest projects we have going on right now is Highway 82, the Greenville bypass, which is about a $136 million project for the first phase, and we’re ahead of schedule on that project. Almost completed,” Commissioner Simmons proudly stated.

For Commissioner Simmons, the most rewarding aspect of his role lies in the positive impact these projects have on the community. He expressed satisfaction in addressing pressing issues, such as potholes, which have been a persistent concern for regional drivers.

“The most rewarding thing about being a commissioner is to get things done. To be able to stop doing damage to your vehicle because of potholes, to be able to make them safer, as well as put money on bridges so the community is safe, and people can get to and from where they need to go without having to go miles and miles around it because of closed bridges. That’s really rewarding,” Commissioner Simmons emphasized.

Below, you’ll find a list of completed and planned projects in store for the Mississippi Delta:

Sunflower County Projects


Bolivar County Projects


Washington County Projects