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Greenville Reimposes Mask Mandate

City of Greenville Mayor Errick D. Simmons Announces Unanimous City Council Order Requiring Masks for City Employees and City-Owned Buildings.

Mandating, effective immediately, that in the interest of maintaining the safest possible workplace for city employees and that in an effort to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)’s super contagious and deadly “Delta variant” to protect and save human life, there is a mask mandate for all city employees and for all persons entering City Hall and all City-owned buildings.

1. All City of Greenville employees, regardless of vaccination status, who work inside a building must wear a mask in all common areas of the building such as hallways, bathrooms, breakrooms, and meeting rooms at all times, regardless of the presence of another person.

2. Any time an employee is in the same room and/or work area as one or more employees, all employees present must wear a mask at all times unless they can socially distance (6 feet) from each other.

3. If there is more than one person in a City vehicle, all persons inside the vehicle must wear a mask at all times while in the vehicle.

4. City employees who work in a single office without other persons in the same office do not have to wear a mask unless someone comes into that office. At that time, all persons in the office must wear a mask unless they can socially distance (6 feet) from each other.

5. Failure to abide by this Order may result in disciplinary action up to and including reprimand, suspension, and termination.

Given that the Delta variant is three times more contagious than the previous strain with a spread rate of eight to nine people compared to the rate of two to three people of the previous strain coupled with a net deficit of ICU beds across the state due to a surge of COVID-19 cases, the Greenville City Council enters this Order to protect and save all lives in the community.

This Order further supports the emergency declared by Proclamation of the Greenville City Council on March 17, 2020 stating that conditions of extreme peril have arisen within the city caused by COVID-19 (Coronavirus).


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