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House Passes Resolution that could Bring Back Ballot Initiative Project


JACKSON, Miss.–You are one step closer to being able to propose a law and vote on it, as the state House of Representatives passed a resolution that could be the beginning of bringing back the ballot initiative process.

But, many Democratic representatives argued against what they see as imperfections and mistakes in the bill.

“So, if the citizens say they want to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour, we could say, no y’all can’t?” asked Rep. John Hines, who represents Washington, Bolivar and Issaquena counties.

He was speaking about a provision in the proposal that would allow the state legislature to change and amend the petition from citizens, which some see as a potential process that allows lawmakers to null and void such an initiative, if they desire.

Hines also spoke and asked about another provision, which makes exclusions, things people cannot put on the ballot.

“What if the pass an initiative saying we don’t want Mississippi to be a right to work state anymore?”

Another even more controversial exclusion is abortion. One lawmaker pointed out that lawmakers had not put forward a satisfactory amount of clarity on whether that would or could include the morning after pill or birth control.