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Are Cats & Dogs Spreading Covid-19?


THE DELTA, MS (Ben Caxton) — Are Cats & Dogs Secretly spreading COVID-19? The British Veterinary Association says animals could hold the virus on their fur if they are petted by someone who has contracted COVID-19. Their main advice to pet owners is to practice good hand hygiene but does not suggest ALL cats should be kept indoors, only if the cat is happy to be inside. A few animals have tested positive for COVID 19 including a tiger in the Bronx Zoo but there is no evidence that animals can pass the virus to humans. From a small number of cases, it appears ferrets are able to “catch” the virus although it didn’t appear to harm them and dogs do not show symptoms, but a recent study from China says cats appear to be susceptible to catching COVID-19 and can infect each other without showing signs of illness. The greater concern is that infected owners pet their cats who then go outside and are petted by strangers.

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