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What will be the state’s next flag? A lot of votes and steps have already been taken. But the next step is at the polls.

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) – Think of the In God We Trust flag as the candidate and Mississippi’s business leaders are now working to organize a campaign of sorts.

“Making sure people understand that, ‘Hey, the vote is on November 3 and this particular event is at the very bottom of the ballot,’” said Mississippi Economic Council President and CEO Scott Waller. “There’s a lot of other things on the ballot above it but get to the bottom of ballot and cast your vote.”

The Mississippi Economic Council and Alliance for Mississippi’s Future are teaming up for the campaign. They’ve created where people can learn more about the design and make a donation to the campaign to receive items like a yard sign, car tag, decal or face maks. They’ve studied the topic for years now and believe it’s important folks know what’s at stake.

“I think the future really lies in getting this symbol flying so that represents Mississippi in a symbol that will let other businesses know that look, this is a new day, a new opportunity in citizens of Mississippi are ready and welcoming to start moving forward,” added Waller.

A prototype is flying outside the Old Capitol Museum but you likely haven’t seen it elsewhere yet. Here’s why.

“Production time normally for flags is around two weeks,” explained Brenda McIntyre. “That’s digital print of flags that we can get made all the time. But this was going to be thousands of flags we were going to have made so we worked with a company that we do business with all the time and they said that they could get things done for us in about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks which we thought was incredibly good.”

Brenda McIntyre co-owns A Complete Flag Source with her husband Jim. Those orders are expected to start coming in this week and next. But a scan around the store and you’ll see another familiar flag.

“The retired flag, the old 1894 Mississippi flag, we still have in stock and we will always have it in stock because it is now a historical flag,” described Jim McIntyre.

And some are ready to see this flag fly where it once did. The Legislature will have the ultimate say, even if the design gets the majority approval in the November vote.

If you’re wondering about the proposal that would put a few different options on the ballot… that won’t be this ballot. A group is in the process of collecting signatures to get four different flags, including the 1894 flag, on a ballot in the future.

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