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12th Afghan Capital Falls This Week In Absence Of US Troops

Afghan officials say the Taliban have taken the city of Kandahar; the 12th provincial capital insurgents have taken this week alone.

On Thursday, President Biden ordered three thousand troops to the area to safely remove State Department staff from the US Embassy in Kabul and urged US citizens to leave Afghanistan immediately using available commercial flight options as the Taliban advance across the country.

The US and its Nato allies have spent the best part of the last 20 years training and equipping the Afghan security forces. So why has so much of the country fallen so quickly after the withdrawal of US forces?

Countless American and British generals have claimed to have created a more powerful and capable Afghan army with over 300,000 members. Promises that today appear pretty empty.

The Afghan government has received more than 88 billion dollars to pay for soldiers’ salaries and equipment – mostly by the US.

More recently the Taliban have seized weapons and equipment from the Afghan security forces – some of it provided by the US – including Humvees, night sights, machine guns, mortars, and artillery.

Within months of America leaving the country, things will be almost exactly as they were 20 years ago before the start of the war.

The main difference?

The Taliban now has modern US equipment instead of Soviet leftovers.


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In US Absence Afghan Cities Already Falling To Taliban

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