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Greenville Addresses Internet Speed

GREENVILLE, Miss.–Internet speed and service is a problem across the Delta. But, Greenville may be doing something about some of the slow speeds in the city limits. TecInfo, a company based in Washington County, asked the city council this week to enter into a franchise agreement, after which they would lay fiber lines in some subdivisions.
“We, meaning Washington County and quite frankly you could probably speak to the whole of the Mississippi Delta, are at a deficit just for technology and the ability for it to be stable,” said TecInfo Pres. Greg Haymer during a presentation to the council Tuesday.
When asked about the status of fiber internet in the city, Haymer saud AT&T and CSpire both provide fiber, but it’s mostly for businesses.
He said the infrastructure has not been built out to a large degree within the city limits.
“Fiber right now is being built outside city limits primarily, and that’s due to the fact that the federal funding that’s available there is not for communities that are underserved, it’s only for communities that are unserved,” said Haymer.
And, Greenville is not unserved. Hatmer said most of the city’s residents can get cable internet.
He said TecInfo prefers to bury lines rather than putting them on poles and if an agreement is reached they will begin doing that, as they have in Leland and Arcola.
The council tabled the discussion, intending to draft an ordinance for the franchise agreement.