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Rankin County United for Change is calling for a confederate statue in downtown Brandon to be removed.

The initiative spoke to many motives from the symbolism of the confederate statues to voter suppression and how it is all connected to efforts to silence a particular race.

“General Robert Lee and President Jefferson Davis which I spoke about they all saw in 1865 that it was no need to continue to fight for this division of slavery because the thirteenth amendment did away with it so this statue should have never been erected because it represents a false side of American history,” said Pastor Perry Fletcher.

Advocates believe their motive is about equality and equal representation. They’re looking to go beyond fear and into the current century where all voices are heard.

“Our ancestors and our grandfathers that lived here in Brandon you know they had to go pass this statue in order to go to the court house to vote so they feel in their hearts that this statue was there to intimidate them and discourage them from even voting or casting their ballots,” expressed Fletcher.

People calling for change say the current events in the world is the reason why symbols of division must go.

“The relationship between Breonna Taylor, Black Lives Matter and the movements across the nation are all trying to collapse around one theme and that is, America needs to heal and we’ve never really had a real healing that should have taken place after slavery and when we have monuments like this that are erected that represent the pass in such a painful way then we must address those,” said Rankin County United for Change leader and Pastor Ava Harvey.

Those opposed say the statue should stay or at least put the question of removal on the ballot. However, Rankin County United for Change has already approached the Rankin County Board of Supervisors and the Board of Alderman regarding its relocation.

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